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Trade union members for peace and justice in Palestine


Ban on weapons exports

Transnationally, Germany is a major weapons exporter to the Israeli state, second only to the United States. Unfortunately too many of these weapons are built and transported by workers in Germany. Trade unions in Belgium have refused to be involved in build or transporting them. There are pending lawsuits over Germany’s moral and legal liability in arms export.

Permanent CeaseFire

Our sibling trade unions across the world (UNI Global; USA) have called for an immediate and lasting cease fire. A ceasefire is not the end-goal, but it is the most urgent measure and a starting point.

Freedom of assembly and political expression

Uphold civil liberties and political activities of workers and migrants within Germany. The overt repression and racist retaliation targeted participants of demonstrations, people’s livelihoods (recently Berlin women’s shelters – FRIEDA-Frauenzentrum were shut down), academic invites withdrawn, journalists arrested to name a few. Meanwhile, far-right wing candidates in Germany are growing in strength and numbers largely without opposition.

Open forum

Opening the conversation about Germany and civil society’s role. Most civil actors in Germany are hesitant to engage in this topic, either due to overt support for the Israeli state at worst, or because of a political climate where any dissenting voices fear political backlash. This is unfortunately true within our trade unions as well. We want to host public educational panels, speak at workers’ assemblies and continue the political education to show why this conversation cannot wait any longer.



Open letter by dozen Jewish trade union members to the executive boards of the trade unions


Demonstration of over 100 trade union demos for a #CeaseFireNow


We are a network of trade union members, activists, works council members who believe our trade unions can and should do more to end the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Silence is not an option

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